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Dual Sound Problem



Hi all:


With EyeTV program I've recorded a TV serie with dual sound, this is in Spanish & English languajes, well but now when I burn it with Toast 7 Titanium only English languaje is available in the DVD, Why??? I need to do it in Spanish, ¡¡ I'm Spanish !! I cant find options about this..

¡¡¡Help !!



Juan Herrero

Mac 17" Dual Core 2

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I'm having a variation on the same problem. I keep getting shows w/ two audio tracks, one of which will have descriptions for the blind, which I don't need. I set the show to the track I want, and following Miglia's support's suggestions, export for Toast rather than just click the toast icon (which was always resulting in burning a disk w/ the wrong track). It still isn't working! Either it only exports part of the shows, or still exports with wrong track. Oh Help!


Thanks in advance for any suggestons.



20" Intel iMac running 10.4.8

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I dont have any dual audio video files to test with. There arent any options in Toast that I know of to select a particular audio track from a file that contains more then one. I would recommend contacting ElGato to see if they have any ideas for you. Please let us know if you find anything.


Hi John,


I can try to grab a short clip and send it to you if it also has the dual audio problem. Would that be helpful? (if so, where should I send it, how long/what size is good, etc).




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I've found a solution in a ElGato forum. You have to export file recordered with EyeTV and choose "for toast" format.

The new file has only the sound selected in EyeTV menu and it`s seems there is not quality loose.


Anyway, let see what ElGato says about this.

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