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It's good to know that videowave, software that is still shipped with your products to this day is considered a "legacy Product" I can only assume that this means continued development of said software is no longer happening. What a joke.


Anyways, I would like to know why this software constantly freezes up on slows down on a PC that literally dominates it's system requirements.


Also, what is this why did it happen and how come I cannot split anymore?




EDIT: Also when can I get a free copy of software that works? I assume that a company such as roxio would offer this to paying customers no?

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Then you either bought it from a disreputable dealer or you bought something else -- does "Creator" or one of the "Game Capture" programs, or one of these strike a chord? Thse other programs have a version of Video Wave in it.


MNRX, what you posted shows that you are trying to load a non-supported video file or one that has become corrupt. Where did you get it? Any chance that it is copy protected?


Soapbox: This is not Roxio/Corel Tech support. We are users just like you. Lose the attitude.

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sknis I appreciate your reply, yes I have posted in the incorrect area. Sorry for that.


As for attitude, I apologise for my outburst but Roxio's customer support is non-existant. I did not mean any ill-will towards other consumers.


Yes it is for the gamecapture, the video I used is from my capture device, this happened after a made the previous "split".

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So which capture program do you have - there are two! Once you tell us, your topic can be moved to the correct forum.


Also tell us exactly what you did. There is no information in your posts. I have no idea what you mean by "previous split"

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