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Vhs 3 To Dvd Problem



I started my first use of Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 software. I am running Windows 7, SP1 on an HPE 510t with 8GB memory.


I connected my Toshiba DVD Video Player/Videocassette Recorder (SD-V296KU) to my PC using the Roxio supplied cable. I plugged in the Audio Red & White cables to the Roxio Adapter and the out Red & White plugs on the Toshiba recorder. I plugged my S-video cable into the Roxio Adapter and the S-video out receptical of the Toshiba recorder.


I started the Roxio software. It recognized to DVD/VHS player and my blank DVD drive. I pushed to play button on the VCR recorder and the tape began to run. I clicked on the Record button on the Roxio software. It appeared to be recording but I never heard any audio or saw any video. After ten minutes, I clicked on the Stop Recording button of the Roxio software.


After an hour and half, the "Finishing" is still running and the bars in the circle next to the message are continuing to rotate as if some process is still running.

Windows Task Manager shows that the process is still running.

I killed the process.


I disconnected the S-video cable and attached the Yellow video cable to the VCR and the adapter. When I pushed the play button on the VCR, the software played audio and video of the VCR. When I clicked the record button on the software, the display of the VHS tape went black and the sound stopped.


I let this run for 3 minutes and the endless "Finishing..." process started again.

In none of the attempts was anything ever written to the blank DVD.


Since you cannot get ANY help from Roxio/Corel, I posted this explanation on a Forum entry. Having received no satisfactory reply, I'll be returning this SW for a full refund and forget I ever heard of Roxio.


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Did you look at the private message I sent you? Look to the upper right of this page. I moved your other post to the place I told you. There have been some questions asked. I'm not going to move this because you would probably not see that it was moved.

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