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Saving And Showing Videowave Production



I have Creator NXT Pro with VideoWave 14 and MyDVD 14.


I produced a three-and-a-half-minute slideshow with background music, photos, color panels, text, and transitions by using VideoWave. I've exported the production in output as a video file slideshow. I can view it on Windows Media Video. Also, in output, I sent the production to MyDVD. It looks fine. Now, I will be able to burn the show from MyDVD to a dvd disk, which I can do.


Now, here's my problem. I also want to put the production onto a USB flash drive. I am going to be showing it to a group of people. I'm not sure what kind of media player or device I'll be able to use. But, I want to be prepared with both the DVD and a flash drive, if possible. So, my questions are--Is it possible to copy a VideoWave production to a flash drive considering the dmsm format? If so, how? If not, what do you suggest that I do instead?


I'd appreciate your help.





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dmsm is not a video format but only a "roadmap" of how to create your slideshow. It simply contains a list of resources used, (photos, audio, etc), any transitions/effects you applies, etc. IT contains no video at all and connot be "played" except within the Videowave program.


By simply copying the exported file of your slideshow to the USB stick, it can be played on other computers or through DVD players if they have a USB port. Many HD TVs also have USB ports and should be able to play the mpg video.

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... or wmv file if that is what you chose to export your video for the thumb drive. Almost every computer/TV/ other will play wmv (except possibly Apple.) Jusst to be sure, you may want to download the FREE VLC player and put it on the thumb drive. Then you could install it on the computer that you will use to play the video file. I would not know what format the SMART TV will handle.

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