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Toast 12 For Yosemite Help Please



Hi there!


I am getting ready to purchase this product from the APP store, but want to be sure it will work. I am seeing many posts saying that computers are crashing. Here is what I have:

  • Yosemite 10.10.1

I teach Kindergarten and every year I create a slide show for my parents/students (which I have made with iDVD on an older computer). I want them to be able to view it on their DVDs at home.


I would like to be able to create a DVD on my current MAC and am bummed that Apple did away with iDVD!!


Bottom line....if I purchase this product and download it on to my current MAC running Yosemite, will I be able to create a simple DVD with my Slideshow created in iPhoto to view on a DVD player?


Thank you!!

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Thank you! I wish I had the iLife to download but it was a school computer that already had the software installed - so I am out of luck.


So you would recommend Wondershare over the Roxio Toast 12 to make DVDs?


Thank you for your reply :-)

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If what you really want to do is have software that accepts many audio and video formats so you can make DVD's then I would go for Wondershare's DVD creator. It allows you to do many of the menu editing features that iDVD does, as well as incorporating audio into the menus. Toast, while it has many menus, they are static and do not allow editing of any significance, and you can't add audio.


But Toast has many features that DVD creator does not have. In that case I'd go with Toast.


So, it really depends on what you will be doing the majority of the time.


Hope this helps.

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I have three macs. a MBP early 2008, MBP mid 2012, and a 2012 mac mini all running 10.10.2. I use toast 12.0.1 w/o problems. Also, I am still able to use iDVD on those three machines. I was fortunate to have purchased ilife '09 which contains the last version of idvd. They do have updates to idvd on the apple support page, but you must already have idvd installed on mac in order to do the update. Good luck. If you prefer do have an idvd alternative, I would recommend Wondershare's DVD creator. Almost as good as idvd in some respects, much better in others.

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