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Playstation 4 Capture Issue



I got a Roxio Game Capture HD PRO today, installed the disc, checked for updates and its all installed correctly FIRST THING I DID Was to try it with my PS3 seeing as that doesn't have a streaming/capture feature. I used a PS3 Component Cable changing the input to component and it worked, the video was displayed on my laptop and i captured 5 mins of me messing around on the PS3 menus as a test.


Now i unplugged the component cable and plugged the HDMI from my PS4 console into the front HDMI port, HDMI in the back to my tv and obliviously the USB into my laptop. i am having a horrible issue, the screen on my TV is flickering from black to blue and the PS4 display,

The Status displayed on the Roxio capture screen keeps flickering from no signal to ready?.

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I don't see anything that tells me that a PS4 has more than ONE hdmi output connections? :o


It mentions having an HDMI and a Digital Video port...


Try a hookup with a different HDMI source - your PS3 if you have an HDMI cable or just ANY HDMI source!


The software not latching on does sound like you need to SET the PS4 output rather than leave it on Auto. When left on auto the 2 will not handshake and both are trying different things ;)

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