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Colour Balance & Zig Zag Distortion At Top Of Screen



I'm having trouble getting a good colour balance? Also every now and again I get zig zagging at the top of the screen this only lasts a second then reverts to normal.


See attached screenshots to see examples.

Any idea how I can solve these two problems?


Video enhancements? Are these options only available if I import the video to the PC HD?

If I import the video am I able to keep this on my HD subject to available space and record to DVD at a later date when convienient?

Where is the imported video stored?

How I did it this time,I did a sort of trial run to see if everything was connected as it should be I played back the video through Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus and when finished I recorded onto a DVD.



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Hi and thanks,


" I suspect a tracking issue " I'm looking into checking that.


" I would say capture some other tapes and see what they do." I'll try that too.


" You seem to imply that you used the 'Record DVD' method? " Yes I did.


" What is Mr. Fixit doing there, looks like a bead blaster? "


Yes, he is just showing the features that bead blaster has.

Will get back to you next couple of days to let you know how I got on.

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I am having the same problem, just took unit out of box hooked it up to an S-VHS player and directly to a PC USB2 port.

The video tears/tracking at the top. When played on a TV monitor it plays fine. And this is a really old monitor. At times it takes several seconds for it to acquire the video signal.

I'm able to plug the S-VHS decks composite video to the monitor and the svideo to EVD3+ and show both at same time. I have disconnected each and tried the composite video into EVD3+ and I get the same results.

For a VHS tape I get a nice clean stable picture on the TV Monitor, EVD3+ shows a fuzzy picture with the tearing popping in and out and the color balance is off. If this is all the better this can do, then maybe I purchased the wrong product.


I thought since I already have Corel Video Studio X7 that this would work with that. VideoStudioX7 thinks the plug-in is in use even though EVD3+ is not running(even after a reboot). VideoStudio won't work capture anything.


I have tried several other VHS tapes, some done with other peoples decks/cameras. I get the same thing; random tearing at the top, pictures are fuzzy, and the color balance is not consistent. Some cases there is color banding in the top half of the video.


I tried a S-VHS tape that I mastered on this deck(years ago) and I get the same results. I'd probably get better results shooting a camera at a TV. The video as monitored on the TV using the composite video jack, looks great even after about 10 years. The video I captured using the s-video jack into EVD3+ looks like a video shot on a standard VHS tape in the 6 hour mode, just horrible.


I only bought this as my other converter stopped working. I guess I have to go back to searching for a better replacement.


Now for about 5 minutes it did seem to not have any tearing at the top of the screen when I first powered it up. But after that.........


Unless someone has a great solution, this is going back to Roxio.


Also, I haven't spent a lot of time comparing the audio, but it doesn't seem to be as good as the source.


And, why doesn't the preferences keep the location that I want to save the files in? It keeps going back to the default, which means I have to go looking for the video.


Thanks for any input.


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Another question, if I may. Is this a commercially produced tape, or a homemade tape?


If it's a commercially produced tape, it may have macrovision encoding on it. Macrovision doesn't usually affect what you see on a TV, but if you're trying to capture/duplicate the video, it shows up as sudden changes in brightness, or possibly color balance. (The TV circuitry reacts fast enough to compensate so you don't see it, but recording devices don't.)

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I suspect a tracking issue OR the tape has just deteriorated along the 'top' edge.


Hard to guess from a couple of pictures... I would say capture some other tapes and see what they do.


The only way you can do the enhancements is to use Record Edit Save. You seem to imply that you used the 'Record DVD' method?


Even if you used the right one, you can only Auto Adjust and it won't just fix the top part but works on the full frame.


What is Mr. Fixit doing there, looks like a bead blaster?

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