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Toast 7 Disk (Spanned): How To Restore In Yosemite





Forgive me if you've been involved in a prior thread from me on this topic. I've learned more and got my problem a bit better focused; also, I found the proper (Toast 7) forum...


Back several years ago running a PowerPC Macbook Titanium I burned a few very extensive iPhoto libraries to multiple spanned DVD disks using Toast 7 Titanium. Now, I run a late 2009 iMac which is running OS 10.10 (Yosemite), and I need to restore those disks made on T7 on the old computer into the new computing environment.


I was able to get a copy of Roxio Restore 1.0.5 which came with Toast 12, but it looks like it won't work. When I open Restore it states: "Disc Index File not found. To restore data, please open Roxio Restore from a spanned CD or DVD created with Toast."


I have the old computer that I made the discs on originally but I would like to avoid restoring the discs onto that computer - I don't think they would fit!


Am I right to think that a new version of Toast would solve the problem by allowing me to copy the data from my multiple DVD volumes, then restore from the new discs?


Are there any other easier, quicker ways out of this bind?


Thanks (again) in advance.



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I don't know if Toast 12.1 can read the spanned disc contents. What do you see when you look inside the spanned disc in the Finder? If it is folders of photos then you can copy them using the Finder. If it is a single file, control-click on it and choose Show Package Contents from the contextual menu that appears. You then should see the folders & photos to copy using the Finder. The only problem will be the last file on the disc if it was split and partially written as the first file on the other disc..


What happens if you copy Toast 7 from the old computer to the new one?


If you buy Toast 12 as a download from Roxio/Corel they offer a refund policy if you are not satisfied. That's one way to try it out.

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Hi, I have the same problem with disks that were given to me (backup copy of my book) from my defunct publisher. The files are spanned over three disks and has a roxio restore icon on each disk. When I try to open Restore I get the message ""Disc Index File not found. To restore data, please open Roxio Restore from a spanned CD or DVD created with Toast." I am trying desperately to get a copy of Roxio Restore 1.0.5. which is the program icon on the disk. Anyone know where I can get a copy of Roxio Restore? Thanks so much.

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