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Roxio Creator Nxt 3 Pro Download Files Question?



I just purchased Roxio Creator NXT 3 Pro. And I have a question in regards to downloading the files. There are three files to download but I don't need all the extra content. Can I just download file #1 and choose my options in file #3? What is In file #2 and do I really need it? What will happen if I don't install file #2? Please help as I don't want to screw things up


PC Nerd

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You should have these three files to download.


Creator NXT Pro 3.exe




The first file is the program, and is needed. The other two files are not needed, but I'd recommend you download them too, and save all three files some place safe in case you want them later.


The Part 2 content file is extra art and menus and stuff.

The Bonus Content holds HDR Express, Izotope, Paintshop Pro x6, and WinDVD Pro.


Nothing evil will happen if you don't install files #2 and #3, except you won't get their extra benefits.




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