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Easy Cd And Dvd Burning




I am trying to transfer .mov, .mpg, .avi, .mp4, 3gp, files from my hard drive to burn dvds with the easy dvd burning software i just got. But the files won't open in the software, giving an error message to the affect that the files aren't editable and won't transfer.


So this means I need to convert them all to one format that will transfer easily, right? Is Roxio's other software good for that or should i buy another kind? I am not fancy and don't need to produce hollywood movies with this software. I just want to watch my movies on a tv screen, not a tablet.


Which file format is the best one to convert them all to? I don't want to be picking one that will be obsolete in 6 months.


Thanks for your help, I've been very frustrated trying to figure this out.

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It's not a matter of converting your files to a format that's "easy to transfer", it's a matter of having software which will still convert your files into DVDs.


Your Easy CD & DVD Burning is a cut-down version of Creator 2012, with many of its abilities deliberately and surgically removed. Here is a list of the media formats that your MyDVD program claims to handle.




You will see that the very popular MP4 format has been removed, and the program can no longer handle several of the most popular AVI filetypes. Some of the most popular audio types have been removed, too. I can see why you would be frustrated, as the limitations they've introduced are not listed for prospective customers. The full Creator program costs more, but does all.


If you bought the program from Roxio direct, I believe they have a 30-day return policy. You would then need to buy a full-capability Creator program.

If you are going to keep using Easy CD & DVD Burning you'll need to find a file format that it will accept, and to convert those of your clips it won't handle to that format.


If you have to convert clips when making DVDs, I think going to .mpeg2 would be the best idea, since that's the type of video used in Video-DVDs. That would save double-converting.


As to a converter, there are a large number of conversion programs out there, many of them free. One I have seen recommended by people here is a free one called Any Video Converter which you can find here.




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AND better software!


The Red Box will only do DVDs and will not accept HD files like you have.


IF you are willing to Degrade the Quality of them to SD, you could convert them to SD with any 3rd party converter.


On the other hand, if you wish to retain HQ you need to return the software for one of the Creator Suites.


Sorry Brendon, didn't see you were replying...

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