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Toast Rejects Music Files



If I create audio music files either as MPEG-4 or AIFF, Toast will not allow me to drag them into the pane to burn an Audio CD. Only if I select MP3 Disk will it work. Then, even when this MP3 is burned, it will not play on my CD player. The disks play perfectly on iTunes or Quick Time Player. Is there some setting which prevents music files being dragged into Audio CD?


As a matter of fact, I really don't understand the selection of Audio Cd, Music DVD and MP3 disk.

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I can't think of any reason Toast would not accept a Quicktime-playable audio file when Audio CD is selected as the format. That's especially true when it will accept them in the MP3 disc setting. Something is wrong here but I believe it is only on your Mac. Maybe reinstalling Toast or trashing its plist and prefs preference files or restarting your Mac or using Disk Utility to see if the Mac's directory needs repair will make a difference.


MP3 discs require you to first make your audio files into MP3 format using some other application. Toast then creates an alphanumeric-ordered disc in ISO9660 format to make a disc playable in rarely found MP3 disc players.


Audio CD makes discs playable in any audio CD player.


Music DVD creates a disc that plays music tracks on a video DVD player.

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