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Inquiry About Roxio Photoshow Product

Pratik Jajal


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Unfortunately, I couldn't find the sales option, hence I did post my query here. I want to confirm that if I upgrade to premium package, then following features will be included or not:





Create stunning PhotoShows - Yes- Question:-> No

Enjoy unlimited photo sharing - Yes- Question:-> No

Maximum number of photos per show - 400- Question:-> I can add upto 400 images in each show. Right?

Import photos from Facebook, Flickr, Shutterfly, and Picasa - Yes- Question:->

PhotoShow gallery for sharing all your shows - Yes- Question:-> No

Create personal Channels for organization & sharing - Yes- Question:-> No

Keep your PhotoShows online and accessible - Always*- Question:-> I do not wish to show my slides to anyone online, is it possible?

Upload your own video clips alongside your photos - Yes- Question:-> No


PhotoShow Authoring

Add speech bubbles, banners and billboards - 38- Question:-> Which types of bubbles, banners and billboards will be included?

Caption styles available for photos - 128- Question:-> Which type of styles will be available for photos?

Control the timing of each individual photo - Yes- Question:-> Can I set timing in seconds, minutes for each photo?

Access playback styles for every occasion - 150+- Question:-> I couldn't understand this point, can you please describe?

Use your own MP3 or iTunes music files - Yes- Question:-> It means that it is possible to add my music with slide. Right?

Include fun animated Stickers and Sayings - 520+- Question:-> Which type of fun animated Stickers and Sayings will be included?

Try Title Treatments to make each show different - 40+- Question:-> I couldn't understand this point, can you please describe?

Add unique borders to creatively "frame" your show! - 65- Question:-> No

Add multiple songs to your show! - Up to 50- Question:-> It means that I can add up to 50 songs in my slide. Right?

Access built-in music tracks - 1000- Question:-> There will be 1000 tracks built-in. Right?


Sharing & Publishing

Email PhotoShow links for automatic viewing - Yes- Question:-> I do not wish to show my slides or profiles link to anyone. Is it possible?

Publish PhotoShows online as public or private (secure) - Yes- Question:-> I wish to keep private. Is it possible?

Embed PhotoShows on other sites (Facebook, Blogger, etc.) - Yes- Question:-> I couldn't understand this point, can you please describe?

Download PhotoShows as video (MPEG4) - Yes- Question:-> Can you please describe me how will be quality? Is it high or medium?

Take your PhotoShows "to go"! (Share on iPod, phone and more!) - Yes- Question:-> It means, I can share my show and clips to social networking websites. Right? And which social networking websites will be included in sharing?

Allow viewers to download photos and video clips from your show! - Yes- Question:-> I do not wish to download my clips or show to anyone. Is it possible?

Desktop Software (Windows 7, Windows XP & & Vista)- Question:-> - Question:-> I wish to get for my desktop and do not wish to keep online anything. Is it possible to manage this software offline?

Burn PhotoShows to DVD for TV playback - Yes- Question:-> Can I directly burn CD or DVD or I have to manage it manually?

Export PhotoShows to video files (MPEG2, WMV) - Yes- Question:->

Author PhotoShows while not connected to the Internet - Yes- Question:-> I couldn't understand this point, can you please describe?

Create Shows without waiting for upload completion - Yes- Question:-> How is this possible?


Mobile Software

Create and share PhotoShows from Apple iPhone 4 or later - Yes- Question:-> Will it be separate or any option will be there to create slide show for iPhones, Windows Phones or Tabs?


I would like if you can describe your answer here in this post or send me a separate email at the provided email address.



Pratik Jajal

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You said " Unfortunately, I couldn't find the sales option" I looked and could not find that PhotoShow is a supported product by Roxio or Corel. It looks like the only way to buy it is to know the web site. Does that give you any kind of a hint?


It is an ancient program and there has been no development update work on it. There have been some recent problems related to the web site that have not been fixed; not will they likely be fixed.. Look at some of the other recent postings.


If you do decide to buy the Premium version, and if you are not using an Apple computer download the desktop version and create slide shows on your desktop. You can upload them to the web for sharing. Some people have recently lost PhotoShows with no way of getting them back. You could always share them to YouTube or the like.


Remember that we are users and not tech or sales support. I doubt that anyone will do a detail yes/no analysis of your questions.


Go here (link) to Corel Sales support. Corel now owns Roxio and has full responsibility.


Good luck

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Do you recommend other software which provide the same functionality?


Your positive response will be helpful to me.



Pratik Jajal


You can look at the Creator NXT 3 or the Video Lab products or the Corel Video Studio program. You can make photoshow type project with those. You can then use a social video sharing application like Vimeo and YouTube to post the videos.


None of the above will take any kind of Digital Right Management (DRM) resources (like covered music).


Are you planning to buy the product for home use or for commercial use?

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