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Lost Ability To Add Transitions In Videowave



I have just recently lost my ability to "Add Transitions" in my Videowave production. Never experienced this before. I happened just after a program crash...Is there a relatively painless solution, other than complete uninstall and re-install??

The only transition is use regularly is 'Dissolve'. Interestingly enough, I can apply Dissolve by "Add Transition Theme' but not individually.







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Are you saying it doesn't apply because your transitions are showing up as Question Marks? Or do you get an error if you select the "questioned" Dissolve transition and click the "OK" button? I get the question marks displayed for my transitions too. If you actually click on one and click the little "play" button, it usually lets you see it. But I can still apply the Dissolve transition without any issues.


So, let us know if you're actually getting an error.

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