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Where Can I Buy The Hd/bd Plugin For Nxt2?


Where can I buy the HD/BD plugin for NXT2?

I recently put a BD-burner intu my PC. But NXT2 doesnt offer me BD-handling.

In the shop I only found the plugin for NXT3. I tried it but didnt work. I dont want to upgrade to NXT3, just update my NXT2.

Thanks in advance!




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Pretty sure that 'window' closed over a year ago...


The one they list will not work with NXT or NXT 2.


JUST to make sure, you do have NXT 2 and not the NXT 2 Pro version? I ask because in the NXT 3 Pro you still have to turn on the BD Authoring.


Last resort, you can web search for it but I would advise a LOT of caution on the freebees that come up! Might get more than you wanted ;)

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