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Having Trouble Copying A Video Tape With Vhs To Dvd 3 Plus

Len Moser


I've copied about 30 VHS tapes so far with the Roxio VHS to DVD 3 Plus software to my computer without any problems. Suddenly, I'm having an issue with one of the tapes. When recording, the software stops part way through even though there is a lot more video on the tape. I am using a windows 7 computer hooked up to a VCR through the cables supplied with the Roxio software. The VCR keeps playing, but the software stops as if the video were finished. I've tried several times and the software stops at different spots in the video as seen below:


46 minutes

11 minutes

23 minutes


Admittedly the tape has lots of stops and starts (clips) through out the length of the video. Is there a way to force the software to keep recording?

I tried setting the video duration to 2 hours, but had the same results.

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Stops are seen by the software as End of Tape...


Some are plagued by this behavior others never see it :huh:


You can try the pass through - hooking your VCR to another Player and using the output from that one to EVD 3.


You can just monitor it and adjust to start recording again when it stops.


Let us know ;)

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Thanks everyone. I just babysat the unit, and whenever it stopped recording, I stopped the tape and started to record a new video from that point on. Now I have 8 segments to put together. Jim, for the future, are you saying I could hook two VCRs together and record from the empty one?

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