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'play All' Option Does Not Start At The Beginning Of Movies



I have a MyDVD (menu) project with 4 movies and a 'Play All' button.


The main menu default button is 'Play All' & play 'all movies on menu'.


Three of the movies have chapters.


Everything seems to work as expected when I Preview it.


When I burn the project to an image file, and play it, the first item highlighted is the first movie button (not the Play All button).


If I select 'Play All', all of the movies do not start at the beggining, but start at some chapter position.

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OK I had a chance to test and can say that I confirmed your results!!!


I treid it 3 ways:


1. As you did with 3 chapters per movie. Play All Results: Plays Into movie - Movie 1 at Chapter 2 - Movie 2 at Chapter 3 - Movie 3 at Chapter 4 - Movie 4 at Chapter 4


2. Removed Into Movie. Play All Results: Plays Movie 1 at Chapter 1 - Movie 2 at Chapter 2 - Movie 3 at Chapter 3 - Movie 4 at Chapter 4


3. With Into but NO Chapters. Play All Results: Plays Into movie - Movie 1 at Chapter 1 point - Movie 2 at Chapter 1 point - Movie 3 at Chapter 1 point - Movie 4 at Chapter 1 point

(by Chapter 1 point, I mean at the beginning of the movie where you would expect it to start


My project screen shots look like this:














I will have the other regulars see if they can reproduce these results and pass it along to Roxio -_-

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Something about this problem seemed familiar. Sure enough it goes way back..








I will change my projects to eliminate all chapters. I think most players have to ability to fast forward.



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Just because you find similar symptoms in no way means it is the same problem!!!


The posts you cite have absolutely nothing to do with a Play All button as it did not even exist until Creator 2012(?) or so...


Folks have always had 'Chapter' issues, mostly because they don't have any idea how the Standards for DVD Chapters actually were written.


I am not saying that it does not exist, as I duplicated it with ease.


I concluded years ago that people remember the Video not your Menus...


If I even use a menu, it has a Play Button or 2. I use Chapter but Never with Chapter Menus ;)

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