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Toast 11 Blu-Ray Slow Or Fast Burn Has No Rhyme Or Reason



Been using Toast for more than a decade.


We backup/archive data to Blu-ray discs and have been doing so for more than a decade.

Doesn’t matter the version of software.

Sometimes they burn fast. Sometimes they burn slow. Real slow.

I have 16gigs of RAM. No other apps running. Firewire blu-ray. Disks rated at 6x burn - in a 6x burner.

Mac Mavericks (10.9.5)

Drives are not allowed to sleep.

Sometimes fast. Sometime slow.


And when I say slow, I mean it says it will be done in 30mins but I come back the next morning to find it is barely through the burn.

Then, when I start working it with other apps it gets faster and completes the burn - but still not in the time it claimed it would take.


I feel like it is a software issue. Like it’s not handling memory well.

Or maybe it’s not keeping the OS awake and kicking.


Any thoughts?





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Not aware of that checkbox...or at least I have never seen it. Is it an option in Mac Maverick?

I don't know. When I choose get info in the Finder it appears between the version description and the Locked check box.

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