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Where Are Audio Tags Saved



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Hi Brendon,


re: what program


I have Roxio Easy Media Creator 10 and am using its Media Manager. It lets me create an empty playlist and then add WAV files to it.


For each file that I add to the play list, I right click and select "Edit Audio Tags", make my changes and click "Done".


re: How are you saving your playlists


Roxio's Media Manager saves playlists in this folder:


C:\Documents and Settings\wff\My Documents\My Music\My Playlists


This is the contents of my experimental playlist:



#EXTINF:0,18 - Legs

W:\$junk\RoxioExperimenting\FakeMusicFolder\18 - Legs.WAV


W:\$junk\RoxioExperimenting\FakeMusicFolder\04 - Tush.WAV


When I close Media Manager, delete the WAV files, not touch the playlist file, re-open Media Manager and look at the playlist, it is still intact, though it does say it can't find the files. That is not a surprise since I deleted them.


BUT in its display of the playlist it still shows the Genre that I set.


The Genre audio tag data isn't in the playlist file, and it isn't in the WAV files because I deleted them.


That led me to asking where the audio tags are hiding.


re: What are you playing your audio in?


I generally play audio (my CDs copied to the PC) via Windows Media Manager whose playlists have a different format, more like HTML.


In Media Manager I can double click and play one song at a time.




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Hi Bill,


I've always avoided Media Manager, so this took some learning as well as searching. :)


I finally found it. I put some unique text into the genre field, closed everything out, and then went looking through my hard drive for my text.


The Genre field entry is stored as unicode rather than straight ASCII text, and it's in a file called Album.psod.

The file isn't hidden, but you might run into sharing violations if you try to fiddle with it because RoxMediaDB10.exe has a hold of it.


I don't know which Operating System you're using, but in my Vista installation there were two files called Album.psod and the one with my Genre text was at


-where %myname% would be "wff" in your case.


Hope this helps,




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