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Editing .dvr-ms Files With Videowave



I recall seeing in some posts that people do not recommend editing .mpg files. When I try to edit a file created by Windows Media Center (.dvr-ms), VideoWave tells me I have to convert the file in order to edit it. VideoWave then converts the file to a .mpg.

Is there a way to edit these files without converting them? There may be a setting or preference I have overlooked.


Thanks in advance;



PS: My signature went away with the discussion group "wipe" and I'm not posting this from my home PC, so I apologize for not posting system info. here. :) I'm using the "805" build.

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There is no way you can edit strait from the dvr-ms file. I own a MCE2005 and edit dvr-ms all the time and the mpg files never give me a problem. It is just transcoding the file from one format to another so it is easier to work with. There is a video & audio sync problem in EMC 8. The hotfix was posted on the forms, but the forms has been wiped because of the new fourms. Hope this helps :)

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