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Does The Roxio Game Capture Hd Pro Support 4:3 Capture?



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For a standard definition television and a Nintendo Wii.


I have used 3rd party capture software (OBS/XSplit), and they have features that allow you to "Keep Aspect Ratio" of the source video. The Roxio game capture device recognizes the video is rendered in 4:3.


However, Roxio's capture software stretches the image to 16:9 and I cannot find a way around it. In fact, I can record the video via Roxio's software, then watch it in VLC player (a popular media viewing software), and change the aspect ratio to 4:3 and the picture looks great.


I would like to stream and record the video in its native aspect ratio rather than have it stretched.





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so uhh


what's wrong with my videowave? i think your roxio capture software (you posted screenshots in another thread) also provides you an option to record in 4:3 as well


what am i missing?


Stick to one thread and tell us exactly the name of the capture program you have

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Anyway, I still have the 4:3 option in Videowave.


(And now I click the "More Reply Options" button.)


(Next I click the newly available, "Choose Files..." button, navigate to the pictures I want, and "open" them.)


(Now I put my cursor inside the rich text edit block and click the "Add to Post" link for each image.)





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The links to the images are in my posts...


What the hell part of the previous requests, about posting them so no one has to click on anything to see the images, don't you understand? YOU are the one with the problem, not the folks trying to help you, so it would behoove you to do what they ask you to do.

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Can someone who is capable of clicking a link help me? If not, I wasted a lot of money on this product.






Jerry, if you're able to get an image to share, regardless of how you do it, you can save it on your hard drive, and follow the instructions Jim linked to for you to include your post directly on these boards. It doesn't matter how you create your image, the instructions that Jim linked you to will work with those images.


I'm not sure why your objecting to posting your images here?

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Hi Jim,


As you can see in my first screenshot, there is no option to choose a 4:3 production. That is my problem.


Can you help me choose a profile prior to recording? It's all blank when I use the dropdown menu and there are no real options outside of bitrate.


I tried clicking the adjustments in VideoWave. There is minimal difference.


I'm sorry to use imgur again, but if I use the snipping tool the window is deactivated and you cannot see the drop down menus I am viewing.



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Post you pictures directly on this site - info HERE


I've never see that issue, whenever I record a 4:3, I get 4:3, same for 16:9.


I think you need to choose your Profile better BEFORE you record.


Also Start with a New 4:3 Production then add the clip.


Also in your second picture did you click the adjustments to see how it will look?

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