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Copying Audiocassettes To Cd - Voices Are Too High Pitched



So I got Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus Sound Editor to work with my PC, it seems. But the voices of my parents are too high pitched. I know it has to do with different turning speeds between what they recorded on and what I'm playing on. But I can't do anything about that. Is there a way with this software to fix this problem? If not, can I sit with a professional and his/her equipment, till the voices sound right to me? My parents are long gone, and I'd like to hear their voices again but a little more like I remember them.

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FIRST, make copies of your originals in multiple places ~ on your HDD, Backup HDD's and burn a CD as well!


Keep one or more sets in a different place - family member, work place, friend...


I am far from an expert in audio but using a copy of the file try the pitch correction in Roxio's Sound Editor.


Use Ctrl-A to select All of the clip then bring up Pitch. You can use the Play/Stop in there and adjust the pitch slider while you are listening.






This assumes that it is Actually a pitch issue and not Speed or a bit of both...

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If it's a difference between recording speed and playback speed, then it's really a "speed" issue, not just pitch. I would suggest getting the Goldwave program and playing with the different options it has. I know it has options for pitch corrections, but I'm also pretty confident it has speed correction/adjustment as well. The free sample version lets you try out most if not all of the options, though it does impose some limits. At least you should be able to determine if it will do what you need before purchasing it, and it's not horribly expensive. ($19 for a 1 year license, $59 for a lifetime license.)


Standard disclaimer, I receive no remuneration for suggesting Goldwave. I'm simply a long-time, satisfied user of the product, suggesting it because it has capabilities beyond what Roxio offers.

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