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Upgrading From Creator 2010?



I recently bought a new computer with Windows 8.1

Creator 2010 doesn't seem to run very well.


I love Creator 2010, so I am looking to upgrade to a similar product.

Will NXT3 do the same stuff?


Can I upgrade to NXT3 from Creator 2010?

Same price $69.99?


Thank you!

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A lot of things don't seem to run very well in Windows 8.1


I'm not sure NXT 3 would do much better, and some of the good parts of Creator have been removed from NXT 3 - e.g. the great workhorse, Creator Classic.


My H.O.



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I used Media Creator 2010 for editing music,and creating video montages, home movies on DVD, etc. Can I still do it with NXT?

What can't I do, that I could do with Creator 2010?


Wow that may take up a lot of lines ! :o


The major one that I don't like is the loss of a built in blu ray player.

The audio programs are pretty much the same,

Video Wave is pretty much the same with some improvements.


You may have a steep learning curve in the change between 010 and NXT.


Yes, you could get the same price (according to the web site) but if you want to do high definition (blu ray) and have some other add-ons, consider the PRO version.- $100.


In my opinion only Creator 2010 was the best ! TOO bad . :(

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Hopefully I will be okay?, I don't record/do anything with Blue Ray.

I just want to make sure that I can still do the things I could before.


Is NXT3 a step UP or a step DOWN from Media Creator 2010?


Remember that 2010 won't run on W8. Given that, it is a step up. If you still had W7, I would have told you to keep 2010.

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