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Burn Problem - Split From Hijacked Thread

Mtg Man


I have just purchased this product and am having all sorts of issues with it. I have turned off my firewall and virus protection, uninstalled and reinstalled, but still having the same problems. I can record a tape and get that into the software to burn it to a disc but after it tells me that it is correcting the markers, it then tells me that an error occurred while trying to burn the disc and automatically ejects the disc from the drive. This has happened no less than 20 times in the course of 5-6 hours. I don't know what to do and can't get technical help because what should only have taken 20 minutes to get me an email after registration with some sort of code, I received the email but no code and there is no way to get the help without the code! Why have they made this so difficult to get assistance when it is really needed and how can I get that code from Roxio? The guys at Best Buy said this was by far the best VHS to DVD software in the market but this just sucks. AT 57 years old I think I can figure most things out but this one is a mess...

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This post has been up for 2 days now and aside from 2 dozen views I've had no response. Is there anyone who can help me out here before I uninstall and return this software to best Buy as unusable?




Take it back, your computer is marginal and not up to date. Thanks for posting the dxdiag information.

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Is there nothing I can do to get my computer up to date? I've discovered that I can't take it back as it has been more than 15 days and Best Buy won't take it back...If it helps, I do have an external hard drive that is 1 terabyte and has about 75% of free space...

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Try these thing to optimize your computer. Uninstall any programs you no longer use or were trial programs. This includes VHJS to DVD if you have installed it only once or twice. Use Revo Uninstaller in the MODERATE Mode only. Clean up any junk and temp files using CCleaner. You need to get more than 11G free on your system drive to host temporary files created by the program.


Use a good defraggler to defrag you hard drive.


Go to you computer manufacturer (Acer) to update drivers for your video card/chip. Yours are from 2008 - that is very old in computer terms.


Download Solutoto reduce the number of programs that start at boot. I'm guessing that you would not know which ones to stop when you boot up. Soluto helps you make the decision.


Try not to use any Registry Cleaners like system mechanic or Norton 360. After all that, reboot.


When you are ready to reinstall reboot your computer. Stop your antivirus and any other security programs. Install the VHS to DVD software. Reboot. When the program restarts, then plug in the USB capture device.


If you do all that, and it still doesn't work the way you want ti to, save up for a birthday present. Good luck.

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