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AV maker

I Think It Is Great To Have This Dvd Cd Maker. Some Trouble. Not A Big Deal

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If I burn a disc using cd-rw, It won't play com my computer unless i'm on line. Works ok with cd-w. The disc will work in some other stereo units and not others. If I burn a disc using cd-r, it will work in all stereo's. Some how the format is just not compatible with some cd players. Or the problem is something else. Not sure! Any body else having this problem?

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As for the CD-RW vs. CD-R readability, that is well known. Many CD players have difficulty, or don't, read CD-RW discs. That's just how it is, and isn't a function of the software being used to write the discs. CD-RW discs have a lower reflectivity, and require a more sensitive laser/reader assembly. The "solution" is to stick with CD-R discs where you want more universal readability.


As for not playing, does it actually not play? Or is it a case that you don't see track names if you're not connected to the internet?


And back to Brendon's question above?

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