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Video Wave Hangs Up "not Responding"



I loaded NXT3 & tried putting together a home movie in Videowave, but as I am editing, it occasionally wil hang up & I can't get it to respond..

The video keeps rolling, but I get the message "Videowave bot responding" and there's nothing I can do,a nd I have to X out of the program. (lose what I haven't saved) The video I am making is only 35 min. long.


Why is it doing this?

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I'm still having this problem while trying to edit. It will freeze up & I get the message "Not responding"

The only thing I can do is X out (close it) & reopen it & try it again.


My antivirus is turned off & I am editing video that was taken from my digital camcorder.

This is very frustrating.


Any suggestions?

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The instructions linked to above have been "lost". They are simple however. In Windows type in dxdiag.exe and it will open, Once the green bar goes across, check to save all information or text file depending on your OS. Save it on your desktop and then post that here as an attachment . Use the "More Reply Option" to the lower right of your reply screen. Choose the file and then attach the file (2 steps). The add your reply.


Also run msconfig - and go to the start up tab. You will be surprised at how many programs/process start automatically when you start your computer. Note in W8, if you type in msconfig, one of the options will be about "seeing what....". Use that. Uncheck those that you are sure that you don;t need at start up. If you are not sure, download the free "Soluto" and let it do its thing. You will have to reboot. It will give you non-brainers (what is safe to remove from starting or those that can be delayed. It will give you others where you make the choice depending on what you do on the computer. Take notes about what you change then you can delete Soluto (if you want to) and then use your notes to set Windows Start up from mxconfig.


Are all your resources on internal drives?


Have you cleaned your computer of all junk files, tmp files etc and have you deleted programs you no longer use or trial programs. The dxdiag will tell us about the condition of your hard drives.


I asked above if you had your anti-virus running when you did the install. If you did, perhaps it blocked some of the .dll from registering causing the issue. Also set your antivirus to NOT monitor items being written to your hard drive that are already on your hard drive. If in doubt shut off the internet and turn off the antivirus.


Did you just copy the file from that digital camcorder? What format are they? Sometimes converting the files to mpg2 using copy and convert or a third party converter will repove some of the delays in Video Wave.


This is a long reply so I have taken a lot of time. Please read it thoroughly and give us the information requested or tell us "never mind".

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Tell us about your computer via dxdiag (follow these instructions carefully). It will tell us if your computer is up to date and capable of running the program.


Did you have your antivirus active or other programs running when you did the install?


Tell us about the videos you are trying to edit - standard definition or high definition, format, length, etc.

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