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Burning Multiple Discs



I started burning a large project to Blu-Ray (spanning 3 discs) at work and was able to get two of the discs burned...but then I went home and forgot to have a coworker put the third disc in when prompted. When I came back to work, someone had taken the Blu-Ray burner, so the project was only 2/3 burned. I saved the project (the .disc file) and was wondering if there is a way to continue burning the third disc, so I don't have to start over and re-burn all of it?


I looked through the user guide (for Toast 11 Titanium) but didn't see any mention of whether this was possible. Any help would be appreciated!



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Toast doesn't let you start burning a spanned set midway when something goes wrong. However, the data discs are organized alphanumerically. So you could look at where the burn left off and create a new one-disc project that has the remainder. I'd also check that the files on the burned disc can be copied and opened using Roxio Restore burned to the discs.

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