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I Cannot Set This Up! (Xbox360+Standard Roxio)



So I've had a roxio for a long time now and everytime I attempt to set it up to my 360 I give up I just can't do it/figure it out!.. So, the big grey lead with the plug that goes above the hdmi slot in the back of the console won't fit in, obviously because I'm playing Xbox through hdmi. So what am I supposed to do?.. Does this mean I cannot use it?

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You would have to buy an Xbox Component cable to connect to the RGC.


HOWEVER you still only have Component Output and your TV limits that!


There are come $25 Component to HDMI converters on Amazon that will do what you want. It has to be a BOX not just a cable ;)


(note: component to hdmi box will not convert the other way- hdmi to comp)

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