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How To Capture In 4:3?



Hi everyone,


I asked a question in the VideoWave editing forums, and I was advised to "select my profile better" to record in 4:3. Right now, everything that I record comes out stretched into 16:9.


How do I do that? I have a standard definition television and a Nintendo Wii.


I've never see that issue, whenever I record a 4:3, I get 4:3, same for 16:9.


I think you need to choose your Profile better BEFORE you record.

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What version are you using? When I check for updates, it says none are available.


Here's what mine looks like:


So does mine, I think Dave grabbed a Video Capture for Consoles screen cap???


But you have NOT supplied any information that was asked of you! All you do is keep asking the same question :wacko:


No one can answer it until you provide the specifics!


What did you capture FROM?


What is the Aspect Ration of your CAPTURED FILE and your VideoWave PROJECT (RIGHT CLICK the clip in the editor and pick Aspect Ratio handling to see)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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