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How To Turn Features Off From Running In Background



Hello. I have found no reason to go beyond Roxio 2012. I am sure someone is going to say why don't you look it up but I can't seem to find it. I am trying to make Roxio 2012 more lean because the majority of features I don't use. Rosxio runs all these features in the background by default. I have managed to shut down some features in startup and wondered where else I can shut down things that Roxio like's to run in the background. I want it to just quietly sit on a shelf doing nothing till I want it to it to do something. I have come close to just not using Roxio at all but there are somethings that I still like about it. I remember in the past, you were able to not have to install everything. My favorite version was Roxio 7.5 and I would still use it if you could. Roxio 9 comes in at second for me. I started having problems with them.

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