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Bluray Disc Won't Play In My Xbox One



Hello everyone! I have Toast 12 and just made my first blu ray disc. The way I made it was compressing my full rez .mov files (the highlights film, the ceremony, and the reception of a wedding) to MPEGS as recommended by an online tutorial (MPEG 2 elementary stream for video and dolby digital professional for audio).


When I tested the DVD by playing it in Roxio Player, everything seemed to be working ok. I burnt the disc in toast-- it said the disc was burned successfully.


I put the disc in my Xbox one player (the only blu ray player I have in my house) it has a blu ray app that I downloaded so it can play Blu Ray discs. The Xbox said check and make sure this disc is a BluRay disc and it refused to play.


Is it just by Xbox one? Do I need different settings for my files so it plays in all BluRay players?


My Blu Ray disc is a Verbatim BD-R Verbatim 6x speed 25gb capacity.



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Some devices have trouble playing burned discs. My best guess is the Xbox is one. My brother cannot play burned Blu-ray video discs he creates on his standalone Blu-ray player but they play fine on mine.

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