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Stops Recording And Poor Quality


1) stops recording

I am copying 8mm camera to computer. It will start recording then at about the 3 min mark, the video freezes. The counter continues. When I save and replay on computer, it is only saving about 1 minute of video.


2) the actual picture quality is good, but it looks like it is only capturing every 2nd or 3rd frame, making it very jumpy. In the camera viewer or hooking the camera directly to the TV, the picture is fine.

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Please post the specs of your computer via dxdiag.exe. Follow these instructions exactly.


When you installed the USB device, did you inwstall the program first then plug in the device? Did you have your antrivirus active at the time?


If the answers are yes, then go to Windows device manager and uninstall the USB device. There should be two entries, reboot, shut off your anti-virus and repair the program. Reboot and then plug in the USB device.


Unless you have a laptop, make sure you are using a USB port on the back of your computer; the one in the front and any hubs do not have enough to power the USB device properly.


Note that any stops or gaps or bad spots in the tape will cause the program to stop because it think the tape is done.


What 8mm camcorder do you have?

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