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Mp4 File Not Showing In Settings When Attempting To Record



Hi there, I have been using the same Roxio Game Capture HD PRO for two odd years now. Recently I had to get my laptop (HP Envy I believe) fixed through a problem with the screen. As such I had to completely re-install most of my software/games/etc. Two days ago I re-installed Roxio with my disc and set everything up perfectly. Or so I thought, when attempting to record (on PS4 which I have successfully done now for a few months beforehand) I do not get the option to choose via settings an MP4 capture. The only setting it shows is M2TS, which I just managed to get working today after fiddling with the plugs (it came up as no signal before). M2TS is okay to record with I guess but it is more suited to streaming than actual recorded gameplay. That and I believe it is worse quality overall (though I might be wrong) either way I would like to know a solution to get MP4 recordings back. Again if there's no solution as of yet I'd be willing to go on M2TS though it's kind of a last result. I have heard of a way to edit it to an MP4 through ways of video editing though do not know how to do this. I regret that I can't be of much help than that. Also I cannot attempt to try it on a different console as I currently do not have the right gear to do it with as I sold it.


Thank you beforehand.

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Dave is right, but keep in mind very very few folks actually "need" mp4!


Then keep in mind that it does not work with any capture that exceeds an hour ~ give or take, I haven't bothered to use a stopwatch.


Best advice capture in m2ts and convert afterwards and then only if you actually need to ;)

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I believe the .MP4 option arrived with one of the service packs for the RGC software. So open the software and have it look for updates.


As for quality, I think they're essentially identical since I believe when you set it for MP4 output, it actually captures in M2TS, then converts that to .MP4.

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