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Installation Problems


I had Creator 2010 installed in my Widows XP/SP3. I had some problem and had to uninstall it, with the hope to fix it by reinstalling. I have tried all suggestions in the Internet and in the Community to uninstall/reinstall, and still can't reinstall. Could someone give me a suggestion of a version that would be the most similar to Creator 2010 so I can buy it and download it to my Windows 8.1. I was working on a project that uses Photo Suite to edit and refurbish old photos, I also need it to edit videos, music, and convert audio casette and video tapes from VHS to discs, Any suggestions would be appreciated. The only problem that I may have is that I had Creator 2010 in Windows 8.1, but that got removed completely when they performed a Windows restoration. Would that be a problem?



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Rosie, I sent you a private message about your installation and running of Creator 2010. Look at the upper right for the envelop. They did a full Windows Restore?


You have only the current version and 2 earlier versions for the W8.1. NXt 3 still has PhotoSuite. If you are capturing VHS discs, you may not be able to use the USB device and MAY have to buy a new one. There are other possibilities like capturing the video using Windows Live (Movie Maker).which is free.


Tell us about your new computer dxdiag.exe (link), follow the instructions.

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