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Dv To Roxio Cap



Ok so i want to convert my DV Tape footage from my camcorder to my computer, i have a fire wire and firecard but i seem to get a better response from putting the AV cable into the cam and the component into the Roxio and using the usb wire to convent, however that works all fine i see the video on 'Capture' however, its in black and white, the sound is perfect but the video is in black and white, the orginal video on the cam is in colour and when i play it it shows on the display as coloured. Quality is good but again only in black and white. I've tried puting the Yellow component in all 3 holes and only the one on the far left works with video.


Please help, Thanks.

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That is NOT a Component wire but rather a Composite...


The RGC only accepts HDMI or Component video.


It would appear that while your camcorder may record 'digitally' it is only SD so that is what you want to stick with. A workaround would be to use a DVD or BD Player as a pass through. You are looking for one that can accept Composite for Input and has either HDMI or Component for Output.


The Output side is what you will run to the RGC.


There is a plus doing it this way! Most BD Players will up-sample SD input and your quality will improve when you capture with the RGC ;)

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