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I'm A Noob, Please Help



I bought a Roxio gamecap device used online. It's not the HD pro, just standard. I tested all the cables and they work just fine. However, when I tried using Adobe Live Media Encoder, I noticed it would only register the audio. So I went into my device settings and it recognized the Roxio as only an audio device. I tried troubleshooting and installing any missing drivers, but it made no difference. If I bought it used, and it came with nothing but the device itself and the necesary cables, am I missing something crucial?


Furthermore, I wanted to register my device on the site, but I need the CD Key. It didn't come with the CD, so is there any way around this, or am I just boned?


Thanks in advance.

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I'd be tempted to go back to the seller and ask about the CD and key, unless, of course, the sale specifically said that it didn't come with the CD, in which case, you got what you paid for. If it was ebay, and the lack of a CD wasn't specified, you may have recourse to get your money back.

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