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Having Issues With Videowave7 Pro Recognizing Movie Files


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Long time no visit. I used to hang out here years ago when I did a lot of video and slideshow work. Your avatars still look familiar and I can't believe you guys are still here after all these years helping people out. That's amazing. Anyway, for anyone that remembers "vidman97" (I think I used to go by that) I used Creator 10 Suite years ago but obviously I'm here hoping for some help with something even older.


So, I don't do video any more but sure enough, my wife's church asked if I could help out with some stuff. So I pull out my 5D3 and shoot some. I end up with .mov files and I need to edit them with, yes, Videowave 7 pro. To backtrack, I have an old laptop running XP. I have an old video camera and wanted to capture the video. So I installed this program that I had from about 11 years ago and it worked great for that.

Fast forward to today and I figured I could edit some movies from my 5D3 and of course, it doesn't like my .mov files. I figure it doesn't like the type of .mov files so I decide to convert them. I tried wmv(9) and (8), mpg1, mpg2 and even asf. All I see in VW7 is an hourglass (normal while it loads up the file) but then it turns into a red circle crossed out. Darn. It recognizes and allows me to edit my captured movies lickity split but these converted files just don't get recognized. By the way, I'm using the free version of AVC (any video converter) to do the job. Oh, and I did the converts on my Win7 computer not that it should matter but of course, it was quicker.

I know I'm asking about an 11 year old program and an even older O/S, but if anyone could give me a hint of what I might be doing wrong, I'd appreciate it. I'm not really sweating this as there are people in her church that do video work but I thought I'd be a nice guy and help out. I just don't know why I can't get VW to "see" these files.


Update---I think that AnyVideoConverter is doing something screwy to the files when it converts. VW7 can see and edit other files that I have so I'm putting it down to the problem not being with VW at all. I'll continue to use it to capture my old digital tape video until that old laptop dies. It's not that I don't want to use one of my modern computers but there isn't much else I can do with an eight year old laptop other than collect dust. For capturing video, it really does a great job. Cheers all!

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