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I have been burning sony dvd-r's with toast 6 lite on my external,lacie

d2 with lightscribe burner, with no problems and have unexpectedly

received a medium error notice when starting to burn followed by a

buffer underrun error on the last 12 dvds I've tried to burn. On 3 of

the dvd's, the disk tray opened with a notice to put in a blank dvd. I

closed the tray with the same dvd and it burned but failed

verification. Any feedback would be helpful. I also have toast 6

titanium and have never been able to use this with dvds, only cd

burning. Any thoughts are appreciated.



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Some Sony DVD media isn't good, so you could test with other media (not Memorex, either). LaCie posted new firmware for their d2 drives a couple months ago. Be sure you updated to the latest firmware.


It's very odd that you can burn DVDs with Toast 6 Lite and not with Toast 6 Titanium. I'd say that is baffling. Make sure you're using the current Toast updates (6.1 for Lite, 6.1.1 for Titanium)


Lastly, there could be a Firewire issue (particularly if you have done a System update (such as 10.4.3 to 10.4.4). The incremental system updates sometimes cause Firewire and USB glitches that are resolved by downloading and applying Apple's Combined System Updater.

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