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Upgrading From Emc10?





I am currently running EMC10 and would like to know what the current Creator product is that is the equivalent of EMC10.


Is there an upgrade path or would it require a new purchase?


Thanks! Ed

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Hello Ed.,


IMHO, the latest versions are less capable than EMC, since they lack Creator Classic which to my mind was the centerpiece of the suite.

I would suggest you stick with EMC 10 unless you're changing your Operating System to one which requires a later software version.


You may like to read this topic, while you're at it.


However the latest full version is Creator NXT 3 at $100, or the Pro version at $130. See here.

There is no software upgrade path. You purchase the new software and get an "upgrade price" [$30 off] on proof of purchase of an earlier version.


There is a cut-down version at $30, but it's so crippled you have to supply your own wheelchair.

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