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Significant Improvement In Upgrading From Creator 2010 To Nxt3?



I have been using Roxio Creator 2010 for several years, but I have not been happy with the results. My dissatisfaction comes from the playback quality of a video slideshow burned on a DVD and displayed on a Samsung 46" LCD TV. The images appear to be displayed at a very low resolution. The same images when printed on photographic paper appear to be very crisp / sharp. I am not sure if the issue is with the Roxio software or the TV setup. I have attempted to make several adjustments and see no difference. Knowing that my current version of Creator software (2010) is 5 years old, if I upgrade to Roxio Creator NXT3 or the PRO version will I see a significant improvement in the displayed video quality from a DVD?



Steve Metcalf

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Neither of the things you list above is the issue.


The issue is the format of a DVD, which is Standard definition. Images displayed from a DVD are 720x480. On an older, analog display, that's about as good as you could get, and the pictures displayed there looked "fine." But when you display them on an HD TV, with 1920x1080 resolution, those 720x480 images look pretty jagged and rough. And that's just how it is. If you playback your DVD on an upscaling Blu-Ray player, some of the jaggedness may go away as it does some amount of edge interpolation.


The solution, is to use an HD format for your slideshows, which means starting with a 16:9 format, and then outputting to an HD format file.


The problem with that, is that to keep that resolution, you need to then burn it to an AVCHD DVD, or a Blu-Ray disc, both of which must be played on a Blu-Ray player. Or, you can keep the video files on your PC and connect that to your TV via an HDMI cable.


At this point, I don't recall if Creator 2010 supported HD output or not, so you'll have to look at your options in VideoWave.


Hope that helps!

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