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Not Sure If I Should Upgrade From Creator Pro 2012



Just looking for some opinions. I have used Creator for years, just for family/friend type of things. Now, I am working with a youth football league, and I have these grand plans for working with video. The music type videos I have a lot of experience with, but I would like to start making "SportsCenter" type highlight reels - overdub commentary, spot shadows, professional looking score graphics, slow motion/reverse/fast motion, and so on. My biggest problem with Creator has been knowing exactly what I can do with it. I was on Navy Nuclear Subs for 12 years, and I became very accustomed to doing things with a book. The lack of a comprehensive manual kills me. So I am hoping you guys/gals can tell me...is Creator Pro 12 all I need, or is it worth it to go up. I guess it is even possible that I should look at a totally different program to do the things I want to do. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Stick with Creator 2012 Pro until you upgrade your operating system. The things that are missing from Creator 210 are not in Creator NXT (x). There is no reverse video, no key frames needed to do a spot shadow or highlight,


I'm not sure that you will find many programs with these types of programs that have full manuals; you'll have to rely on tutorials. :unsure:


Corel gives you their learning center.


Pinnacle also owned by Corel gives you: "

  • Includes FREE training! Get a 6-week, all-access pass to StudioBacklot.tv, featuring brand-new Pinnacle Studio 18 content, loads of other training and a royalty-free stock library.

I haven't used those programs for several years so I don;t know if they give you what you need.

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