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Roxio-Hdmi-Not Supported Mode

FF Hero


So I have a question. I am trying to record steam gameplay from my laptop with the Roxio HD game capture decive. The roxio is plugged into my usb 2.0 slot (tried it in the regular usb slot as well) I have an hdmi from my computer to the input of the roxio and one from the output to the tv. It picks up the signal but the tv displays "Not suported mode" I tried to tinker with some of the video settings but to no avail the image still does not display on my tv although i can record whats happening on my laptop still. I just wasnt sure if it was a roxio setting or possibly a tv setting



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Do you get a good signal on your TV if you connect it directly to the HDMI output of your PC? If so, then what is the make and model of your TV?


The Roxio Pro HD device adds HDCP (copy protection) to the HDMI signal. It's possible that your TV doesn't support HDCP, which would cause these symptoms.

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