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Software Won't Accept Blank Dvd For Burning

Wil Williams


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In recent years, I haven't had to format a DVD before copying onto it. However, I did just format a new DVD now and the software still ignored it.

I'm using a Dell 8300 deskstop computer. I've copied DVDs for years with no difficulty.

So, I'm stumped now!




You NEVER format optical media unless you intend to use it for Packet Writing!!!! (a writing system that has proven unstable over the years -_- )


IF it is a DVD R you have already 'ruined' it for any normal use. Write a small file to it with Windows Explorer just to confirm the Burner is OK.


Let's learn a little more about your PC and your Project.


WHAT are you trying to burn ~ I see about 5 different ways to burn a DVD in the ECD Suite.


Tell us your PC from Steve's posting HERE.


Just so you know, we have heard of this before but we need to narrow it down ;)

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Thanks for helping out -- as you confirm, I was under the impression that you didn't have to format DVD discs anymore! I'm operating Windows 7 on my Dell 8300 desktop. I do a lot of video biographies, or life stories

on video. The files are typically 3 to 4.5 gigs in size. For years I was using Roxio Creator DE to copy discs. When the program stopped working, I purchased Roxio Easy CD & DVD Burning. The new program

will create a temporary file for the purpose of creating a copy, but it will not recognize a blank disc when I insert it. I tend to think that the problem is with my computer and not the new program, but I don't know for sure.

Do you have any ideas to share?


Thanks for your time!



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I had problems burning a DVD using Roxio Easty CD and DVD Burning program. Finally found out that the capacity of the DVD to be burned has to match the capacity of the DVD to be copies. That is,

both, for example, must be 4.7 gig-based or 8.7 gig-based. Simple as that!


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