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Burned Dvd Is Blurry And Strobe-Like



Hi, I have wasted too many blu-ray discs trying to troubleshoot this on my own. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I'm not very tech savvy...


I am running OS X 10.9.5. I have Toast 12, a blu-ray dvd recorder and BD-R discs. The original files I am trying to burn are .MP4. When I try to play the burned BD-R in a dvd player, the videos are blurry and strobe-like when there is movement. What can I do to troubleshoot this? Are there certain settings in Toast that should be set? (I can provide any further info to help get to the bottom of this)


If anyone can walk me through fixing this error, that would be great! I feel like it shouldn't be this difficult. Thank you for your time!!

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What was used to create the .mp4 videos? Can you tell me more about their specs? Toast should describe the video specs when they are added to the Video window. Toast is having some kind of problem properly reading those videos for encoding.

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Hi, the files are from my Panasonic HX-WA03 Camcorder...saved to a SD card. The info on one of the files in the Toast window includes:


Video: H.264/AVC, 1920 x 1080, 59.94 fps

Audio: MPEG-4 Audio, Stereo, 48000 Hz

Unfortunately I can just make some guesses. It seems that Toast is messing up the encoding when reducing the frame rate to 30 fps (or maybe 29.97 fps).


You will need to do a lot of experimenting to figure this out. Toast lets you edit the start and end points of the video, so do your experiments with about 30 seconds of a scene with some good motion in it. Use the Toast Convert window to save that clip using the highest-quality Apple TV setting. You also can use QuickTime Player to convert a short clip as a new file.


Add those to the Toast Video window and choose Save as Disc Image. When that is complete, select the resulting .toast file using the Image File setting in the Toast Copy window. This mounts it on the desktop. Now choose Roxio Video Player from the Toast Extras menu. Have it locate the mounted image file. It will begin playing the first video. There is an icon that lets you select the second video. Do they both still have this problem?


In the Toast Video window you can click the more... button to access the custom encoder settings window. I don't know if Toast defaults to MPEG-4 or MPEG-2 encoding when making a Blu-ray video (I think it is MPEG-4). You can choose the other encoder to see if that makes any difference by making a new disc image.


I actually don't know why you are having this issue. In my opinion it should have worked correctly on your first attempt.

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