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Roxio Game Capture Standard No Signal Fix Please.



i just bought a roxio game cap. when i installed it, it automatically had issues. i installed it on three different computers and all had the same issue. i don't know what the issue was exactly but by repairing the download it partially fixed the issue. The main issue was the fact that there was no signal. i fixed that on one computer, but on my own computer i cannot seem to fix this issue.


i tried exactly the same procedure i had used on the fixed computer on mine but it wont work. I have literally tried everything on this computer but nothing is working. if someone could please help me out here i would love it. thank you.

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Okay... what you said doesn't tell us anything because you're not describing your connections.


From post #5, and this is a question, the audio connection to your TV is going through the Roxio Game Capture device? You said you have sound on the TV, but you have to be explicitly clear to tell us about the connections as the questions are asked.


Now, you said you can hook up your turtle beach (sound card?) to "the roxio (game capture device?)" and get sound through the headset. So, please, clearly describe how and where you've made these connections, what PC the turtle beach card is in (the same one you're using to capture with?), and any other details we might need to use that information.

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well i got it fixed after uninstalling, re installing, and repairing it a bunch of times. now my only issue is there is no sound being captured. wtf roxio get your ^#!& straight. the software has been giving me nothing but troubles. at one point it #$^@ near crashed my computer.


so here are the line of issues i had when i first got it.


1. Wouldn't install on my computer but did on two others. fixed that.

2. A bunch of errors upon install. fixed that by repairing the software

3. No signal. I don't know exactly how i fixed that but its fixed.

4. Now there is no gameplay sound while capturing. still working on a fix.


If you could just make the software work upon first install that would be awesome. The price point for your capture card is super, software functioning properly upon installation and thereafter is horrible.

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Just for clarity, you're ranting to other users, not Roxio employees here. All the folks here, with rare exceptions, are fellow users, trying to help each other out.


You can help someone out by explaining what you did to fix your issue #1 above, to get it to install on the computer that was giving you problems.


Then, to help us help you, tell us what sort of a gaming device you're running, and describe your cabling setup in detail so maybe we can determine where you're having a problem.

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i have the standard roxio setup for the xbox 360. with an av component cable setup the normal way you would set it up. green to green blue to blue and so on. the av component cables coming out of the xbox are all plugged into the component in, and the cables that came with the roxio are plugged into the component out.

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