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Roxio Game Cap Hd Pro "ps4" - No Audio & Unsupported Resolutions



Greetings, I had no problems with the RGCHD at all untill today. Maybe because of the update that I installed on my PS4 I don't know, but here is the problem.

I can get good quality video but no audio at all. When I try and set the resolution on my PS4 while having the Roxio connected it states the following.



720p (Unsupported)

1080i (Unsupported)

1080p (Unsupported)


I have no qlue what happened cause like I said untill today I never had that problem. And when I disconnect the Roxio and hook my PS4 directly into my TV I am able to select the resolutions no problem.

I hope one of you can tell me whats wrong cause I would love to have audio while recording.


P.S. I have tried the Roxio on my PS3 to see if that would work, and that does seem to work for me.

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Seems odd... :glare:


Let's do 2 things.


First contact Sony about this issue! (my bet is on them ;) )


Next, that may be the native output when nothing is going on, what happens if you put in a game in HD or one above 480, with the RGC detached and pause the game, set the output then plug in the RGC?

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