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it was working fine with my ps3. i just got a ps4 and ive spent 3 days looking everywhere but nothing.

my tv supports 1080p

i already disabled the hdcp thing.

i have clear picture when i connect the ps4 to the tv

its when i connect to the roxio that everything goes dark.

for a second on my desktop i have signal. just a second. after that the no signal thing comes on

i go back to my tv and theres no signal either

desktop has 8gb ram. 3.5 ghz.

ive recorded ps3 gameplay so good

i cant get it to work with the ps4. any help or recommendations?

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Try setting the output of your PS4 down to either 1080p @ 30fps, or to 1080i. The Game Capture HD Pro won't capture above 1080i@60fps, or 1080p@30fps. Also, what color is the "No Signal" message, red, or green?

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