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I am using Creator NXT 14.0. When I capture from VHS takes, some tapes have video quality issues that cause a "no signal" message and the capture stops. These can be from the stopping and the starting of the original recording or the brief break up of the original recorded image. It only takes a few seconds of poor recording quality and up pops the "no signal". Each time it happens, I must go back and see where the capture stopped and start the capture again. I would like to put the VHS tape in the VCR and have the capture continue regardless of what is on the tape. Is there any way to make this happen? If not on NXT, is this possible on later versions of NXT?

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No. There is no easy way around that. If you have a tape of home videos with breaks like that in it, the only way to ensure you get it all is to sit there and "baby-sit" the process. This has been a request since they first came out with the capture device, and I see no movement towards making that any better.


Now, with that said, if you have the right hardware, possibly another VCR or Camcorder, into which you can put your original VCRs signal, and pass it through, where the middle device actually adds it's own carrier signal, (shows something like a blue screen when there's no signal) then that is a workaround. Feed your VCR through that device, and feed that output into your capture unit, and then you can go back later and edit out the blank spots (if you so desire).


Hope that helps!

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