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Will Burn Commercial Dvds, But Not Video Dvds



I just upgraded to the 5k iMac, and Toast is the only problem I've having.


I've tried burning commercial CDs and DVDs, but there's a problem when I try to burn video. A few minutes after the burn starts, Toast quits, and may reboot or even give me a kernel panic.


I've tried different burners; the problem seems to be isolated to Toast.

As I said, the problem is isolated to video DVDs.


Anyone know how I might fix this? Please say yes.

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Thanks for your reply.

Your suggestion makes eminent sense. It also fits with my experience. My first three steps to figuring out the problem: (1) zapping the PRAM, (2) using Rembler as a diagnostic, and (3) swapping out my current RAM.

Zapping the PRAM yielded good results with one burn, but not with an extended burn. Strike one.

I used Rember to diagnose the RAM; good news, no errors. Very good freeware!

I just swapped the RAM that came with the machine, and will monitor for results. I hope the original RAM will fix this...;

In other words, RAM may be the culprit, but we'll know for sure after a few hours. I'll update you with the results.

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