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Resolution Of Pictures In Videowave



I have pictures saved in .png format. I have added them to a VideoWave production. I want to use pan and zoom to start zoomed in on an individual, and then zoom out to show the whole group. Also on a scanned image of a program where the name of the person is listed, then to the whole page. When I'm zoomed in the images are very blurry. When I open the image in Windows image viewer and zoom in to even higher levels, the image and print is very sharp. I created the images by scanning the photos at 200 dpi.

At what resolution are the images imported into the production? Is there an option to change this?


Roxio Creator NXT 3 (Build 160B45J)

Roxio VideoWave

Win 7 version 6.1 (Build 7601) service pack 1

Intel i7 2.2GHz

8GB memory

230GB free disk space


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The Preview Pane in VideoWave is limited to rather low value of resolution ~ I do not recall what it is but something around 352 X 240 and it cannot be changed!

(if anyone knows what it is please post it so I can write it down this time :lol: )


Likewise, before you ask, the Output Resolution you pick with be a big factor as well... You can scan something at 4000 dpi but if you output as a DVD Movie 720 X 480 is as good as you will get!

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Unfortunately, 200 or 600 dpi doesn't tell us much unless we also know the size of the original pictures. For example, if I scan a 35mm slide at 200dpi, and look at the full frame on my PC, it's going to look pretty blurry, so I have to scan it at 1200 (or higher) dpi to get a good, full-sized image. On the other hand, an 8"x10" picture, scanned at 200dpi, will look very sharp when shown full-screen on my monitor.


However, you probably chose DVD as your output target, and most folks are under the impression that DVD is a high definition format, when it's not. The image quality of DVD is 720x480, and when you blow that up on your HD TV (or monitor), it's pretty pixelated. You need to chose a format from which you can ouput to HD to start with, which means selecting a 16:9 format.


Oh, and I wouldn't put much stock in the preview screen image either. Render it to the output format that you want, and play that back to see what it'll really look like. The preview screen will be lower resolution just to help keep processing time reasonable during editing so things don't slow down too much.

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