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Error While Encoding -1



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Is the -1 the numerical error identification? If not, what is the full text of the error and the full number?


Does Windows recognize that you have a blu ray burner? What/how are yuo trying to burn the blu ray. Blu ray video disc or data disc? If video disc, what type of files are you adding are you using Burn DVD application? If so, does it give you the option?


As you see there are a lot of unanswered questions. Please answer them all and provide any additional information to can. A dxdiag.exe of your computer would be helpful and answer a lot of questions you might get asking you about your computer. dxdiag is a Windows feature. Search Windows for it.; provide only the text file it makes.


That is usually a Windows error it could be this (link) or this (link). most probably is that there is something in one of your videos where the program thinks there is an error.

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